Saturday, December 31, 2011

Weekly wander CBD

     This week I took a wander around the Melbourne CBD.
A quick peak around Melbourne Central then ventured off to
the Flinders Lane Precinct before returning to Bourke Street
for a quick spot of shopping.
The "square" format images
are captures from Instagram my favourite iPhone app.
The hungry foxes can be found in Menzies Alley and
woodland visitors at the level 2 bridge link.

Melbourne Central has commissioned Kaff-eine to add
some life to spaces currently being renovated. Both pieces
are large scale showing her distinctive style but now with
added colour - rich, bold and glorious colour!

Took a short cut through Brien Lane to view the
remnants of a lane way commission still shining through.

The heat of the afternoon sun found me
seeking shelter in AC/DC Lane. 

Paused to watch tourists snap photographs while
listening to their guide give his take on the
Melbourne street art scene.

I visit the same locations to view favourite pieces
like this hand drawn character by Ghost Patrol
still peeking out from below the many layers.

Delighted to see this piece by Be Free still in tact
as attempting to capture pieces when fresh is not
always possible they gradually decay.
Was wonderful to see the
Union Lane Street Art Project getting a fresh layer
after a period of tagging and neglect.

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