Sunday, April 09, 2006

09042006 here comes winter

looking forward to a short week.... 
TGIF eheheh
Work: enjoying it.. 15? weeks til the re-opening a brand new store.. on a shoe string but should look glam, packaging, samples, visual merchandizing still in the works; 
Mind: a little restless... too many projects on the "coffee table" need to tick a few off;
Spirit: content, loved and a little horny, playful getting the nest ready for hibernation eheheh;
Body: bloods taken during the week results after anzac day. cold and flu weather begins, a little sniffly;
Garden: ground temperature shift, colour change on virginia creeper, red of all shades.. brillant .. how long will it take to drop, lemons (2) okay, fertilizer?, never quite recoverd from the possum attack/s.
listening to: new Dave Seaman Renaissnce Masters series.