Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Spin me around

A day spent shuffling boxes from one storage area too another. A big thanks to Nick for helping out with the trailer and tractor. Rest of the day looking at statistics and culling the budget. More for less seems to the be the motivation - hopefully we will be able to retain all of our front-of-house staff and maintain a reasonable stock level - of new and exciting product.

Stop Start

It's my 1st anniversary at Heide MoMA. I've accomplished a number of things on my To Do List in the professional sense. Opened and stocked a new store, recruited and trained staff & volunteers, developed branded product and hit sales targets. This year will be making it sustainable and squeezing into a budget/expectations of the powers to be. Personally the challenge will be deciding if I want to learn to drive? The commute hasn't killed me and the freedom of a car would be good, but there goes my excuse that I'm doing my bit for the environment!

Drink up

'Wine is sunshine held together by water' Mmmmmm I'd drink to that.
Was way too early to be drinking on sunday morning when I visited the wine centre but I did take heaps of photographs and wandered through the interactive displays.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Back to work

Was great to chill out in Adelaide. I will always find the city alluring. So many silent witnesses and magic moments. Back to reality today with quick visit to dentist.

Monday, January 29, 2007

The best iced coffee!

Gotta love milk! The regular variety is great and this is better - may have to import it? along with .. its a crow-eater thing?

Flight mode

The terminal is not that exciting but the view is pretty.

Beside the sea

Lunch with my niece Kate

Lights Vision

Good morning Adelaide. Conservative & slow to change? Well there seems to be more construction happening - all with a 'green' flavor. A great place to study - SA Uni campus in the city is now massive with a number of bold architectural styles. Riding one of the new trams to Glenelg.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Smell the roses

Spent ages taking photographs in the Botanical Gardens of Adelaide & National Wine Centre.

Wide and open

Cultural precint, library. museum, art gallery. Hours of entertainment a success blend of old and new.

Depth & illusion

Adelaide - Himeji Garden
constructed in 1985. Wonderfully tranquil and green.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

City of churches?

They forget to say many of them are now night clubs! Strolled along the North Terrace precinct this afternoon. The War Memorial is still one of my favourite pieces of stonework.

Horny Hamster

Friday in Adelaide - cocktails at Lotus then dancing until the wee hours at Mars Bar. Followed by BIG sleep-in and *cuddles* with my buddy Steve. After 14 years it's comforting to know i'm still his 'little b' and responsible all his bad behavior. Love ya mister


Smooth flight beautiful cloud formations. Landed and dis-embarked at the new Adelaide Airport terminal. Its been a long time coming - i kind of enjoyed the days of walking on the tarmac!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Bye for now

Day at work over, a busy mc aussie day, heading to airport via Skybus.

ready to fly

Did i pack everything i need? Thanx 2 Fluffy for ironing all my favourite tees :)
Hope the weather is stays warm but not too HOT! Haven't been home 2 Adelaide for over a year - Lee & Nicki's wedding? Look forward to seeing my family, catching up with friends and visiting my old haunts.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Prime real estate

Can we live here!
My favourite tree-house.

Get out of bed!

Yawn... Could really do with some more zzzz's this morning But it was all go-go-go to get to work for our 1st 'comms' meeting of the year. Gotta love a 8:30 start

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Site works - before

The destruction/poisoning of the shrubs didn't feel like a good starting point for the creation of HELMET. However all the big boy toy action over the last couple of days - clearing and compacting - will provide a good reference shot to refer to when the project is completed in April.

Hump day

Slow start to the morning. Almost half way thru the week! Looking forward to spending the weekend in Adelaide - fly out on Friday night - haven't seen my family in ages.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

In case of...

Dropped in on punky Peter for pizza and a movie. Watched - Mystery Science Theatre 3000 - episode with stolen scenes from Battlestar Galactica with costumes from a Jane Fonda work-out video. It must be the future! Munched on 3 Cheese pizza washed down with pop! Another fun stop-over. *cuddles*

Monday, January 22, 2007

Gone fishing

On my wanderings around Chapel Street, Windsor, I keep discovering paste-ups by Nemo. The yellowing and fading of the paper kind of gives away the age of some of them. There is a high concentration around the Astor in unexpected places like low down on tree trunks. If you spot any let me know!

Release, float, be free

A great day off! After the regular doctors visit to take bloods, etc. I got to play Unlce. Run around the play-ground, eat chocolate, make a bubble-bath and listen to the shrieks of delight. Then the afternoon was spent doing a little retail therapy followed by a really good stretch at yoga. Watching the sun set now then home for dinner .

DVD go Bang!

Pulled apart dvd player that died the other night. Recovered disc okay and discovered the remants of a "transformer?" the cause of the firecracker boom!
Mmmm the smell of burnt electrical wiring. Cheap/disposable technology?

New growth

A lazy Sunday spent: sleeping-in, listening to the rain, catching up with friends, watching dvd's - Kiss-kiss-bang-bang, Superman Returns. Later in the day I made a big pot of green chicken curry. Mmmmmm comfort food.....Winter again? The monsteria in the backyard is looking real sexy at the moment!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Veg out

It is my Friday night - 2 days off to relax. I feel a semi-hibernation coming on. Lay on the couch, watch some dvds. It's still raining...but warm. Picture of zucchini crop at Heide. Thankyou Nick they will be great roasted.

Reach for the sky

Ended up at Fed Sq last night, surprise, surprise, had a drink or two, caught up for *hugs* and *giggles* with Boo & Michael, bumped into and chatted with numerous other buds. Ended up laying on the banks of the Yarra with tall Mark. Listening to the throb of the distant dance music and watching the passing parade. :-)

Friday, January 19, 2007

Get a grip!

It's been a long hot/wet day. TGIF, well i still have one day to go...but saturday shifts FOH (front of house) always go quickly. The opening of Midsumma tonightat Fed Sq is going to be steamy!

Lets dance

Thanks to young Pete & Philip for a fun-time last night. Drinking beer, flicking through street-art pix, watching holiday slide-show, catching up! Way over-due. Lets do it again soon.

Washed away

At last some relief from the heat! The heavens opened up last night with a constant drizzle that is still falling this morning! The rain-dance on Peters balcony the other night and the persistant day-dreaming of running through the sprinkler have paid off!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Sprinkler Boy

Alway good to have a friend to play in the rain with. yaH! let it pour.....

Richmond stop-over

Dropped in on my buddy, punky Peter, for a catch-up & *snuggle*s woof! a little rain-dance on his balcony celebrating the few dribbles from the sky!

Test tube art?

Walking down Gertrude Street last night I spotted a fresh wall on the side of "Intrude - art space". Looks like a tribute piece hi-lighting Melbournes Stencil Grafitti Capital status. Further investigation pending.
I'll post more pix on Ringo/FlicKR 2nite. I really need to cross the river more often and take snaps to the streetart while it is fresh! Anyone want to go exploring the back alleys and laneways of Melbourne with me?

Water saving tip #023

Shower with a friend! At home we have the luxury of enough room for two. Shower-head falls over the spa bath. But I still feel guilty for having the occasional long soak in the tub! heehee, although I have been known to bucket the water out and drench the bamboo.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

for Jay

Really enjoyed your opeining and seeing the work installed. Your words & pictures filled my heart with joy. Your view on life is heart-felt accompanied by the amusing commentary & witty prose 'under construction' was a delight. Thankyou and congratulations. Catch you some time soon. Xb


As I head to work this morning - the day after stocktake - no more counting or sugary snacks, please! I remind myself that it all about the long haul not the quick fix. In an environment of urgent and important the organic approach of slow and steady is the method I prefer to take. Pressure and deadlines are fine but do not replace forward planning and vision. It has to be sustainable mentally and physically.

Leaf litter

If I could I would spend the day in the shadow of a big tree.
Another hot day they are predicting 39 degrees with the chance of late showers?
Too hot for this pup.
Pic is of a tree shadow with dried our leaf litter in Alma Park

Monday, January 15, 2007

Watch the skies

Rings of Saturn (2005-2006) by Inge King

Heide at twilight

Yah! A long day of counting and data-entry is now over ...
Stocktake is complete except for the reporting aspect.
Mmmm discrepency reports are always fun!
Walking through the carpark to discover an eerie twilight - smoke filled sky - sculpture and moonlights ablaze accompanied by a strange silence.

Grand Specimen

My favourite trees in Alma Park have 'thinned' out in response to the dry conditions. Still majestic but the crown is not so dense. do trees go bald?

Reflect and ponder

Spent some time in Alma Park with a friend in the late afternoon. Laying under a tree and listening to the dryness?
The warm breeze crackling the leaves over-head and the dog-walkers stomping on the crunchy grass.

Follow the sun

Sunday off was great to recharge. Spent time with Fluffy in the garden - pruning, mulching, up, clearing out. Photo is of a metal sunflower at the Balaclava Kindergarden.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Barking up the wrong tree

The local plane trees have shed leaves and bark during the hot spell. Resulting in camoflage pattern on the trunk.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

R U being true 2 urself?

What do I want? Where do I want to be? Lots of questions today - a little tired and emotional - but time to set goals and focus. grrrR

Lurking in the shadows

Tread carefully young man

Boyfriend, partner, companion, lover, significant other - how do you describe that person that 'shares' your life? What securely holds the bond together?

Friday, January 12, 2007

Like a bear with a sore head

The visit to the dentist today resolved some of my pain and I manged to tick another item off the 2007 TO DO list.
Posterior composite restoration of a dead tooth. Thanks Dr Steven C for making it a painless experience - he has the nicest chair-side manner of any dentist I have been too! Now its just a follow up trip to the dental hygienist for a scrap and polish to make me all smiles again :)

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Send me an angel

Little bit down and feeling blue today. Not anything in particular. Just feels like everytime something is fixed something else throws the balance off. Lonely, self-destructive? But why? life is pretty wonderful. Time to see the shrink again :-(

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Shade seeking creature

Warming up today. Good day to be inside. Will give the garden a little soak tonite. Stage 3 water restrictions allow this with the drip system I have installed.... they will be real thirty by 8 pm. MUST Investigate some grey water solutions. Add rainwater tank to shopping / home improvement list!
Pic is of new monsteria leaf in my garden, reversed it out to negative on photoDJ on the phone... but i think i prefer the vivid new leaf green

Hazy Sunset

After another hot smoky day with the sun slowly melting on the horizon.
Pic taken from home on the deck... doesn't capture the intense orange but i'll try again with the digital.