Saturday, November 26, 2011

Outpost Project

Sydney Harbour Federation Trust 
OUTPOST - art from the streets
4th November to 11th December 2011
Cockatoo Island 


                          I posted a few snaps during the day to Instagram my new addiction.
 Cockatoo Island is only a short Ferry ride from Circular Quay. 

Maintain Momentum by Vexta (VIC)

 Home by Kid Zoom 

 Next by T-World curated by Eddie Zammit

Foundations project 

 Ironlak bus - fresh layer painted each weekend.

 Temple by Phibs, Beastman and Numskull.

Farewell Sydney! I shall return soon.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Adelaide's Forgotten Outlaws

On my recent visit to Adelaide I wandered the streets of the CBD.
Hunting down a few of the mug shots by artist Peter Drew from his
Adelaide's Forgotten Outlaws series. 
These large format paste-ups bring a little piece of 
history back to the streets with scale and placement that is hard to miss.

Follow these links to discover more:
Peter Drew on his Blog or Facebook
Adelaide's Forgotten Outlaws video
Forgotten Adelaide's Outlaws map

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Morphing the Bridge

artist: James Dodd

In 2010 Adelaide City Council approved special project funding 
for street art projects on Council-owned property
This included the Morphett Street Bridge over North Terrace. 
The first projects commenced in May 2011. 
Here is a little of what I saw during my quick visit. 

Artist/s: plyons - Seb Humphreys
background - Peter Drew

                              Artists: ABOVE, Chris Edser, Ankles, Tristan Kerr
Coordinated by Josh Fanning
Sticks and Stones video produced by Above on his experience
Adelaide City Council - What is street art?
An excellent video from ACC with artists discussing the 2011 street art projects.

Friday, November 04, 2011

These walls have a voice

 These walls have a voice.
 Still mucking about with AutoStitch on the iPhone
 This back alley parallel to Chapel Street 
is still fresh after being up for a few months. 
I need to come back soon with the DSLR.