Saturday, December 31, 2011

Weekly wander CBD

     This week I took a wander around the Melbourne CBD.
A quick peak around Melbourne Central then ventured off to
the Flinders Lane Precinct before returning to Bourke Street
for a quick spot of shopping.
The "square" format images
are captures from Instagram my favourite iPhone app.
The hungry foxes can be found in Menzies Alley and
woodland visitors at the level 2 bridge link.

Melbourne Central has commissioned Kaff-eine to add
some life to spaces currently being renovated. Both pieces
are large scale showing her distinctive style but now with
added colour - rich, bold and glorious colour!

Took a short cut through Brien Lane to view the
remnants of a lane way commission still shining through.

The heat of the afternoon sun found me
seeking shelter in AC/DC Lane. 

Paused to watch tourists snap photographs while
listening to their guide give his take on the
Melbourne street art scene.

I visit the same locations to view favourite pieces
like this hand drawn character by Ghost Patrol
still peeking out from below the many layers.

Delighted to see this piece by Be Free still in tact
as attempting to capture pieces when fresh is not
always possible they gradually decay.
Was wonderful to see the
Union Lane Street Art Project getting a fresh layer
after a period of tagging and neglect.

Tangle free

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Did you enjoy the break?

It is that strange time of year

 between Christmas and New Year.
The local streets are quiet many small business have
shut up shop.

construction has come to a halt

I await sometime to wander and explore

for now a time to reflect

as a wander past

new sites and

new adventures await

this early bird.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Outpost Project

Sydney Harbour Federation Trust 
OUTPOST - art from the streets
4th November to 11th December 2011
Cockatoo Island 


                          I posted a few snaps during the day to Instagram my new addiction.
 Cockatoo Island is only a short Ferry ride from Circular Quay. 

Maintain Momentum by Vexta (VIC)

 Home by Kid Zoom 

 Next by T-World curated by Eddie Zammit

Foundations project 

 Ironlak bus - fresh layer painted each weekend.

 Temple by Phibs, Beastman and Numskull.

Farewell Sydney! I shall return soon.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Adelaide's Forgotten Outlaws

On my recent visit to Adelaide I wandered the streets of the CBD.
Hunting down a few of the mug shots by artist Peter Drew from his
Adelaide's Forgotten Outlaws series. 
These large format paste-ups bring a little piece of 
history back to the streets with scale and placement that is hard to miss.

Follow these links to discover more:
Peter Drew on his Blog or Facebook
Adelaide's Forgotten Outlaws video
Forgotten Adelaide's Outlaws map

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Morphing the Bridge

artist: James Dodd

In 2010 Adelaide City Council approved special project funding 
for street art projects on Council-owned property
This included the Morphett Street Bridge over North Terrace. 
The first projects commenced in May 2011. 
Here is a little of what I saw during my quick visit. 

Artist/s: plyons - Seb Humphreys
background - Peter Drew

                              Artists: ABOVE, Chris Edser, Ankles, Tristan Kerr
Coordinated by Josh Fanning
Sticks and Stones video produced by Above on his experience
Adelaide City Council - What is street art?
An excellent video from ACC with artists discussing the 2011 street art projects.

Friday, November 04, 2011

These walls have a voice

 These walls have a voice.
 Still mucking about with AutoStitch on the iPhone
 This back alley parallel to Chapel Street 
is still fresh after being up for a few months. 
I need to come back soon with the DSLR.