Monday, January 22, 2007

DVD go Bang!

Pulled apart dvd player that died the other night. Recovered disc okay and discovered the remants of a "transformer?" the cause of the firecracker boom!
Mmmm the smell of burnt electrical wiring. Cheap/disposable technology?

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jay said...

Its disgusting how disposable technology is today. Its cheaper to chuck the whole thing out rather than get it repaired. The toxicity and sheer amount of this kind of waste is having catastrophic affects on our environment, or the environment of the countries that we ship our waste back to and dump there.
Corporations need to take some responsibility for the waste their products produce after they have been purchased.
Consumers need to be educated on the affects that their purchases are having on the world and how they should properly dispose of them.
I have no idea of what to do with a drawer full of dead mobile phones and batteries?
This kind of disposal unit should be made accessible by the council/government and education should be part of their role also but it seems they have little to gain from this exercise and they only seem to think in terms of economics. What about the benefit to our environment?
All these gadgets die and we just chuck them out and produce more... how many iPods have died and been reborn? What about DVD players? I have had a few that have gone in the bin, then where did they go?