Thursday, December 09, 2010

Vacation 2010 USA

Here is the electronic link


Mondegreen said...

Hi Bruce,

I've just seen a preview of your book and I really like it and would like to purchase a copy from the site. I've got a tiny request: would you be able to change the title for the copy I purchase? I feel the current title doesn't quite do justice to the photos... might I suggest something like, "Americation" or "of U.s" or "in [ ] we trust" or "in [ ] we thrust" etc...

But I love the photos. The ones of san francisco just really capture the city for me. And the vegas ones are superb - not sure if you got to the neon boneyard with your camera - would've been sensational!

Anyway, hope that you're fine with this tiny request - I think you photographed my dogs in Carlton Garden once on a foggy night a few years back.......

broocee said...

Hi Mondegreen,
Thank you for your feedback.
Unfortunately the title has been embedded.
This was my first time using the Blurb website.
So this version will be sent out to my family as a Christmas gift.
I am however very happy with the result and will re-format with new title/s by subject matter in the new year.
Vegas was surreal! We only had a very short stay as we spent a day at the Grand Canyon so perhaps a visit to the neon museum next time.
Hoping to return to SF in July 2011 for more adventures.
Many Thanks,

Mondegreen said...

Thanks Bruce.
I blog at Sound of Mull
Can you please let me know you've done the reformat. I've selected the option for follow-up comments to be sent to my email.

thank you.